Entire package

FER DE LANCE PRODUCTIONS works with you to plan and design your Public Relations and Media Campaigns that will fit your organizational needs and budget as well as overseeing all the stages in between.

Our proposed strategies for promoting your specific product or service is based on the final assessment of target markets’ preferences with information provided by client or gathered through other means.

We can help you to


 1. Identify your target market:
  • Focus Groups
  • Surveys
  • Client discussion
 2. Position your product or service
  • Images (Still or Video)
  • Sounds (Jingles)
  • Slogans
 3. Design + Create Promotional Campaigns
  • PR Calendar
  • Advertising Plan
  • Producing campaign materials
 4. Promote Product / Service
  • Implementing PR Calendar
  • Implementing Advertising Plan
  • Monitoring Media Placements